5 Key Trends in Aerospace Manufacturing To Look Out For

Posted on January 17, 2019 David Atkinson Aerospace

The core principle of aerospace and aviation is innovation. In the coming years, we should expect to see some exciting new things in the aerospace industry. While aircraft haven’t seen much change structurally since aircraft first started being used for travel, the expected number of travelers doubling by 2035 means that innovators are working hard to make advancements in sustainability, design, and operations.

One of the main goals of aircraft is efficiency — streamlining all aspects of the aircraft and air travel that would optimize efficiency. As seen on the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, the combination of passenger capacity and fuel efficiency makes this new plane the cutting edge of aircraft travel. The plane is said to have 25% better fuel economy than its competitor, the Airbus A380.

Another new aircraft innovation is modifying cabin lighting. The aircraft cabin lighting industry is worth nearly 2 billion dollars. This is due to the change from photoluminescent lights to LED lights which are much brighter and more efficient.

Another innovation in the increased usage of a new material called Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). This material is lightweight and durable; it’s very high in demand in the aerospace industry. CFRP, once it comes more economical to manufacture, will be a good replacement for typical aircraft materials like steel and iron as it is much sturdier with through-life durability.

Aircraft seats are a very big aspect to the customer experience that is changing over time. Airlines continue to invest in the newest seats in all aspects of the aircraft including economy class and first class, maximizing comfort. These seats are better despite being thinner and they’re more efficient because airliners are able to fit more passengers per plane without sacrificing leg room.

And, a final trend to look out for is the increase in air travel for business; air travel conducting business more convenient. Despite already making up as much as 75% of an airline’s profit on any given flight, it’s expected that airliners will increasingly cater to the business class and influence aerospace manufacturing accordingly.

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