New Lock Nuts by PEM with TRI-DENT Technology Hold Mating Screws Fast

Posted on March 1, 2017 David Atkinson Aircraft Fasteners

A new member has joined the PEM family of lock nuts known as Type SL. These steel self-clinching locknuts by Penn Enginering use the TRI-DENT locking system to keep mating screws from loosening due to forces such as vibration, heat cycling, and other disruptions. The lock nuts meet 3 cycle locking performance and lock to the threads of mating screws. Type SL locknuts can also have screws removed without damaging the locking threads.

The TRI-DENT locking technology is ideal for thin metal assemblies where a standard lock nut runs the risk of vibrating off. SL locknuts install permanently into metal sheeting and lay flush with the outer hull. They never have to be tightened, and will never fall out after integrating with host metal. They are much more reliable and cost effective compared to chemical methods and affixed patches. PEM SL lock nuts can save you money by reducing maintenance cost as well as reducing the number of steps during assembly.

PEM lock nuts are installed with a press by squeezing the locknut into a properly sized mounting hole. The force embeds the lock nut into a metal sheet by stretching out the clinching ring. The clinching ring will only project on the inner side of the sheet—leaving the outer surface smooth. Once in place the lock nut is permanent, and ready to lock with prevailing torque against mating screws.

The prevailing torque feature is an ideal solution in preventing hardware from loosening. The unique design feature that increases the contact area between mated threads, thus increasing the force required to tighten and loosen the nut. Prevailing torque also prevents threads from more easily loosening with an increased axial load.

ASAP Parts 360 has a dedicated and expansive array of lock nut products - serving customers as a one-stop shop and primary destination for product sourcing. ASAP will ensure that your needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner, all the while offering cost-effective component solutions. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at  or call 708-387-7800.

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