Airbus Helicopter Are Taking Their Innovation to the Next Level

Posted on March 31, 2017 David Atkinson Aviation News

When I think of airplanes I still think of how two brothers were able to think of an amazing idea, when everybody else doubted them, they didn’t listen to anyone and were able to invent the first aircraft which is incredible because the world was never the same since then. Once we took off in the air even the sky couldn’t limit were we can go, for example landing on the moon and reaching mars are all due to the innovation and creativity of people like the wright brothers.

Innovation and creativity can be on so many levels from engine innovation to design integrity and more. Having said that when I hear the name Airbus or Airbus Helicopters I think of an organization that puts their efforts into creating a state of the art machines that will serve and bring a very good experience to the operator because of the amount of ingenuity put into their product.

SITONAIR Inc and XTI Aircraft Company has signed a deal to work on a rotary engine in order to co-develop the engine into a hybrid engine which can operate exclusively on gas as well as electricity. This development has multiple benefits from being ecofriendly to saving gas and creating a helicopter that can travel a longer distance. An Irish Helicopter leasing company found this is a great opportunity for them to save so much money and they already have placed an order that is worth over $10m million but this might sound like a lot of money at first but on the long run they will save a lot.

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