Gas Turbine Model Jet Engines

Posted on July 19, 2018 David Atkinson Aviation News

In recent years turbine powered RC planes are the cutting edge in the industry. Sizes range from large to small, requiring many hours of flying experience to handle flying one of these powerful machines and use real gasoline. RC turbine engines cannot only be used in RC planes but can be used for RC Turboprops and Helicopters, with the powerful turbine engines you will now be capable of significantly more with your aircraft leading to higher satisfaction with your product.

Before Real model jet engines were introduced to the RC flying community, many people seeking a enhanced aircraft sound had ducted fan units, however, these fan units lack the authentic sound that many were seeking. Other options for this are electric powered fans, and pulse jets. These alternatives fail to deliver the authenticity wanted by RC plane pilots. Thanks to the gas turbine model jet engine, all the drawbacks of the older alternatives are eliminated and now you can experience the highest performance, and authenticity that you have been seeking when you purchased your RC plane.

To power the turbines, they need compressed air and fuel to move the turbines to the right RPMs to get full power into your aircraft. When these turbines get up to speed, you will soon find out the major difference that these amazing engines offer. The mixture of efficiency and power give you the capability of almost anything when piloting your aircraft. Might as well consider yourself king of the RC skies! The Sky is the Limit for you and your RC powered plane, helicopter, and turboprop.

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