Electric Aviation a Newer, Cleaner Way to Fly: Airbus

Posted on January 9, 2018 David Atkinson Aviation News

For years many the creation of electric powered vehicles has been in speculation. A collection of Large manufactures has taken the initiative to create an energy powered aircraft by the year 2020. The manufactures involved in the group are Airbus, Civil Aerospace - Rolls Royce, and Siemens. The group was formed in London, England at a press conference that was held at the Royal Aeronautical Society to create an electric powered aircraft by the name of the E-Fan X

This aircraft is said to be equipped with a mixture of three turbo fan engines. The motors will be two megawatt motors that will power the aircraft with the power distribution center that the aircraft will require. The E Fan X will also have a “E-Supervvisor“ hybrid electric propulsion center to bring all electrical work to life.

Paul Eremenko, Airbus Defence and Space - Aerospace Company CTO is very innovative and strongly believes in electric hybris propulsion technology and mentioned how eager they are to work with E Fan contributors stating,

“Under the partnership, Siemens is providing the motor and power distribution system, while Rolls-Royce will supply the turboshaft engine, two-megawatt generator and power electronics. Airbus is providing the overall integration of the hybrid-electric propulsion system and batteries control architecture and integration with aircraft flight controls.”

The modeling and prototypes have been established since the year 2013 at a smaller scale. Siemens and Airbus have been able to create a reduced version of the models electrical propulsion demonstrator and have also begun a larger model at a facility in Munich, Germany.

Currently electrical aircrafts are still under review to confirm that they are indeed more efficient than gas powered aircrafts but is still un clear. With the electrical travel the European commission goal could possibly be met by reducing up to 75% of carbon dioxide emission by the year 2050.

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