Fiber Optic Connector Types

Posted on February 1, 2021 David Atkinson Electrical Connectors

As fiber optic technologies continue to advance and be improved upon, their capabilities have quickly superseded those of conventional wiring for a number of applications. As such, many organizations and consumers have begun to make the switch to improve the operations of various equipment and systems. As there are many types of connectors available on the market, it can be beneficial to understand their differences and uses before making a decision.

In general, optical fibers are used for a variety of communication and power transmission applications, and their construction consists of thin drawing glass bundles encapsulated within a jacket so that power or data can be transferred in the form of light. When used for applications such as network communication, fiber optic cabling can provide speeds and data transfer distances that far surpass the maximum capabilities of conventional copper wiring. Furthermore, fiber optics have not hit their upper limits in capability, and still continue to revolutionize various industries. As such, understanding the available types of fiber optic connectors can be useful for when it comes time for an upgrade.
Polish and epoxy fiber optic connectors are often implemented for termination applications, and they can come in a variety of forms. While such fiber optic connectors are highly useful for their environmental and mechanical strength, they are most desirable due to their connection allowance. Across all types, the polish and epoxy fiber optic connector may allow up to 24 cable connections from a single connector. When there is a need for a simpler and more cost-effective option, however, no-polish and no-epoxy types may be chosen. These connectors are highly implemented in telecommunication, television, data lines, and other industries due to their use and pricing options. With both categories, a number of common connector types are available.
The standard connector (SC) is one of the most simplistic and cheapest options for fiber optic cables, and they feature a ceramic ferrule which ensures accurate alignment of the SMF. To maintain a solid connection during operations, such connectors have locking mechanisms to secure attachment.
The LX-5 connector type is useful for applications that require high performance and reliability. With automatic metal shutter technology and high packing density, the LX-5 connector type is very useful for many high performance applications. Furthermore, the LX-5 connector also provides the lowest insertion loss of all types on the market, making it a very desirable component.
In many older fiber optic networks, the ferrule core connector (FC) is often used. With a threaded container and position locatable notch, the SFM may have an exact location given and high precision is maintained for positioning. While the FC connector type is becoming less used over time, it still serves video over fiber transmission equipment well.
If one requires cheaper options that benefit easy applications, plastic fiber optic cable connectors may be used. Due to their simplistic design, such connectors often do not come in the form of polished and epoxy types, and are generally designed for use with glass. Depending on the need of the application, plastic fiber optic cable connectors may be acquired in either a standard or proprietary design.
Beyond the aforementioned fiber optic connector components, a number of types may be procured to accommodate a diverse set of applications. On ASAP Parts 360, we offer competitive pricing and rapid lead-times on the various fiber optic connectors and fiber optic technologies that we carry. We invite you to peruse our robust part catalogs where you can find everything you need to fulfill your operational requirements with ease. If there are particular items that you wish to procure, begin the purchasing process today by filling out and submitting an Instant RFQ form through our website. Get started today and experience how ASAP Parts 360 is revolutionizing the procurement process for our customers.

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