New Innovative Computer Hardware Has Been Optimized for Cryptocurrency Minors

Posted on October 4, 2017 David Atkinson Uncategorized

As cryptocurrency has continuously grown over the year the demand and the acceptance as payment has grown just as well. Cryptocurrency had its major break around the year 2009 and only continues to grow all over the web and becoming a part of   many online retailers and other online stores. Do to such an increasing market, Asus a well-known Taiwanese high end gaming brand, has created a Motherboard that specializes in cryptocurrency mining.

The motherboard was only made months after Asus created innovative graphic cards (GPU) were released to target crypto miners during what is currently known as the “digital gold rush.” Not only are the motherboards built for mining but might also be attractive to miners due to the ability for for the excellent visual statistic.

Asus’ mother board has been named the B250 mining expert with new features that differentiates from the rest of its market competitors. Other previous versions of these mining motherboards have been equipped with six, eight, or twelve slots while the newly innovative board has a total of 19 PCI Express expansion slots.

The 19 slots are consistently running with large amounts of GPUS and electrical power. Stated to have a significant size difference and is about the size of 2-3 standard motherboards.  The prime principle of the creating new cryptocurrency requires much power which enables for new transactions to be placed into the blockchain to be generated.

The motherboard is broken down into 3 different slots that split up the 19 existing slots. Each group would have contained 24 pins which enables the mining rig to be connected to three power supply unit in unison. When having the groups powered at the same time it creates a stabilization for the rig empowering many GPUs to be put to use.

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