New Generation of Intel Processors Are on The Rise

Posted on November 14, 2017 David Atkinson Aviation News

Processing Company, Intel has decided to release their new innovative processor that had been long waited for. Unveiling their 9th generation CPU processor the Ice Lake processor is born. Intel wanted to provide the world with an innovative and more power processor. Upgrading the 8th generation processor Coffee Lake to 10nm with enhanced process technology.

First detected on Intel’s website to through its codename decoder page. Intel believes that the newly innovative CPU will create a possibility for higher yields for investors. With plans to place anything under the 15 W mark for laptops along with the 10nm Cannon Lake Bucket. Anything above the 35W+chips can and will be equipped with eh 14++ Coffee Lake CPU. Having installed the Coffee Lake CPU, it will be ran with a sub node for larger CPUs experience.

Intel has not yet completed their development of 14++ for which must remain on a desktop. Intel has planned to better other large working chips before finalizing their 10+ process. The other large chip that Intel has to offer are the FPGA and the MIC.

Along with many of Intel’s plans they hope to be able to integrate into Mac laptops as that would open up an entire market for them. Mac currently is under the control of Katy Lake processors that were recently released the beginning of the year 2017.   The Cannon Series is the first CPU that uses the 10nm+ architecture. For the near future the Coffee Lake series would be applied for desktops and PC machines.

“From there, it’s possible that Cannon Lake will at some point come to the MacBook Pro/iMac, or things could skip ahead to Ice Lake, which is expected to be available in late 2018 or early 2019.”

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