QTA Has Received STC Approval for Bombardier 300/350 Engine

Posted on April 2, 2018 David Atkinson Aviation News

Quiet Technology Aerospace, or QTA for short, has recently received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the company’s 5th airframe specific, carbon fiber engine inlet replacement barrel. The supplemental type certificate provides a solution in terminating the plague like issue of engine inlet cowl, inner barrel corrosion that impacts the operators of the Challenger 300/350. The new QTA STC can be applied to the global fleet of six-hundred fifty-nine aircraft.

Battling an expensive along with time consuming problem of aluminum inner-barrel engine inlet corrosion as well as acoustic screen degradation on the Challenger 300/350 engines’ inlet cowls, QTA now offers a lighter version of the innovative Carbon Graphite Composite Barrel that erases this issue. It also comes with a warranty that stays together with the aircraft’s serial number, which last a lifetime. The appearance of the inlets remain unchanged from its original appearance, even after installation.

Quite Technology Aerospace is also able to provide an entire set of best inner barrel upgrades for the customers’ inlets in fifteen days for the Challenger series. This lessens the operator’s downtime in comparison to alternative corrosion repairs. Furthermore, QTA also provides a low-cost inlet that is a part of their “loaner and exchange program.” This ensures that the aircraft is unharmed by any long term AOG conditions. Like the lighter version of the Carbon Graphite inlet series, this barrel also comes with a lifetime warranty that goes along with the aircraft’s serial number.

The Challenger 300/350 solution is Quite Technology Aerospace’s 5th approved STC that is under their carbon fiber engine inlet solution programs. There are other airframes that are affected by inner barrel corrosion but which can benefit from QTA’s innovative engineering and carbon fiber manufacturing, which includes the Lear 60, the Gulfstream G200, the Hawker 1000, and Falcon 2000EX/LX. At this time, QTA is aiming to work on a design and certification of three more aircrafts that also suffer from the problem of inlet cowl corrosion.

"Since the inception of the carbon fiber inner barrel replacement program in 2015, many operators have advocated both QTA’s technology and manufacturing quality of products. Quiet Technology Aerospace has installed almost 60 carbon fiver inlet barrels on over 40 aircrafts around the world."

Operators have shown relief from the corrosion problem that has bothered their engine inlets and are pleased with the quality and fair price of QTA’s solution.

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