Schaeffer Saves Tata Steel Port Talbot from Extreme Malfunction

Posted on January 29, 2018 David Atkinson Aircraft Bearings

Tata Steel Port Talbot has been producing and consonantly using their Trunnion Bearings since 1960 when they were first installed. Over the years deterioration and constant use has caused for one of the bearings to fail which brought the company to action to replace in good time.

These massive bearings failure was first discovered by an engineer that was on the premise. Shortly after the discovery the engineer was on the phone with Schaeffer UK for further explanation of a failing non-drive side (NDS) of the V2 BOS plant Vessel. The plant has two vessels currently in use (V1 & V2) and each of them have the capacity of withstanding 330 tones.

Schaeffer Germany was quick to respond and had two of their own on the BOS plant. The two engineers from Schaeffer were able to determine the problem and drew out a plan to be carried out.

“A method statement document was drawn up by Schaeffer UK, which specified the sequence and method to replace the bearings and outline the TATA requirements. Included in this document was a detailed tooling list and a step-by-step procedure for the dismounting and mounting of the drive-side (DS) & non-drive-side (NDS) bearings.”

Taking advantage of their back up resources the FAG Split Spherical Roller Bearing [SSRB] was placed into use to decrease the time of involuntary inactivity. The damaged parts on the main unit was later figured out to have damaged other components.

The process the removal of the previous bearing took an approximated 36 hours. After the dismantling of the previous vessel the parts were later taken into forensic testing for further examination. With the completion of the replacement there were also follow up instructions left by the Schaeffer engineers along with extensive details pertaining to the Vessel.

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