Beautiful Design inside of an Embraer Private Jet

Posted on April 3, 2017 David Atkinson Aviation News

Traditionally airplanes are designed for the soul purpose of transporting passengers and goods, the way they are designed may look like a public bus in order to fit as many passengers as possible; to get the maximum number of people on board and transport them safely to another part of the world. Other planes may look like empty warehouses and these planes are designed to carry the maximum amount of goods and cargo, also in order to transport them somewhere across the world and as quickly as possible.

Embraer has made something completely different yet very elegant, breath taking and worth millions of dollars. Embraer’s private jets are reaching a level where they look fabulous on the inside and some even look like pieces of art. The decoration is simply very soothing and creates an ambiance like no other inside the plane.

The latest private jet technology invented by Embraer is designed and inspired by Art Deco and it becomes the first of its kind where the interior is covered by the deep mahogany wood panels, brass and gold trim, and jewel hues that is completely inspired by the Art Deco which is dated back to the early 1900s.

A design that is almost a century old but brings out a beautiful and elegant atmosphere inside the plane. Also to accommodate this design the airplane is divided into 5 zones where there are 3 to 4 zones includes sets of fun rooms and a bar that completely complements the mahogany wood finish.

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