TE Connectivity Launches Slim Wire Connectors

Posted on March 17, 2017 David Atkinson Electrical Connectors

New slim wire connectors by TE Connectivity allow users to make fast and easy wire to wire or wire to board connections. The poke-in connectors accept wire gauges 18-22 AWG, with the 18 gauge wire rated up to 10A, and the 20/22 gauge wire rated up to 6A. Naked contacts allow a smaller footprint and cost savings over poke in connectors.

Poke in connectors are typically housed so they take up more space compared to TE slim wire connectors. Operating temperatures are rated from -40 to 105 degrees celcius, giving users an extensive line of application. Typically the connectors are used in telecommunication, building automation and security systems; But TE slim wire connectors are versatile and cheap, so even a hobbyist can use them in their printed circuit board projects.

Poke connectors provide maximum mechanical stability and wire retention due to their four points of contact in wire retention. Suitable for a variety of conditions these connectors allow users maximum flexibility while reducing cost. They also have the advantage of effectively eliminating the need for two piece wire connections with multiple solder points. There is no need for a secondary crimp assembly, just a single robust housing for one or more wires to make contact. Wires in all metal poke in housings are solderless and easy to replace and remove.

Depending on the type of poke connector removal may be as simple as twisting out the wire, unscrewing, or using an extraction tool. One thing poke connectors are not recommended for are products that experience vigorous movement or vibrations. Due to the nature of slim wire connectors, overtime they risk falling out because of the solderless connection. In these types of cases snap or solder connectors would be preferred.

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