Memory Card vs Flash Memory: Setting The Lexar Rumor Straight

Posted on December 7, 2017 David Atkinson Electrical Connectors

Lexar, memory card and computer hardware company, was recently bought out by Longsys, a flash storage company from china. Soon after this transaction, Nikon rumors spread that Lexar was bought out by Longsys and the new owners would be discontinuing their XQD memory card line and relying on CFExpress.

The misunderstanding was started because Longsys is a flash storage company from China, which is understandable for those that do not know much about Lexar. Turns out, however, that the new owner had been the original manufacturer for Lexar parts all along. It is not a whole new company with no Lexar knowledge or experience, but their current manufacturer.

Flash memory, in a lot of people’s minds, is seen as the future in computer hardware and memory. Some have said memory cards will go obsolete and be replaced by flash memory. Technology is already a huge industry and is rapidly growing continuously, especially computer hardware and computer parts distribution. Not all people can afford to keep up with all the changes that are being made.

Some require all new products or changing out certain components, that is where computer parts distributors can be helpful. It can be frustrating when companies and manufacturers discontinue certain products, especially a little component such as memory cards, after them being around for so long. This is where computer parts distributors come in handy.

They can find these obsolete and hard to find parts that others do not have the capacity or resources to find to ensure companies and individuals do not have to pay thousands or even tens-of-thousands of dollars to replace their whole set-up. Computer hardware can be a tricky and expensive product to deal with, having an experienced computer parts distributor can take a lot of stress off a company or person.

As for now, the Nikon rumors statement regarding Lexar’s new owner, Longsys, discontinuing memory cards is incorrect. They may be hard to find at the moment or in the near future, but with the assistance of a computer parts distributor all that fear of exceeding a budget can be put to rest.

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